Latest client endorsement: advice and support for Gloucester's economic strategy


Recently, we got a really great endorsement from a client of ours at Gloucester City Council – and it neatly sums up our ethos and approach. Following on from our support to help Cheltenham Borough Council define its economic strategy and employment land strategy in 2015, we were very pleased to be asked to put in a proposal to assist Gloucester City Council. We were successfully awarded the contract in July 2016 and completed the project in January 2017. Here’s what they had to say:

“Glenn was commissioned jointly by Gloucester City and Gloucestershire County Councils to produce an economic assessment and guidance on our options for delivering economic growth. Glen and his colleagues worked closely with us and really got under the skin of the commission. He took time to understood our needs as clients and this, coupled with his depth of expertise and knowledge, meant that we got an excellent product that was both technically very sound and creative and challenging. This has given us a solid economic evidence base for our planning policy work, and focussed our growth support on those areas where we can have a real impact.” Peter Smith, Regeneration and Economic Development Manager, Gloucester City Council

Trusted advisors who provide solutions for local economic opportunities and challenges

As we’ve recently blogged on this website here and on linkedin, we do local economic strategies differently here at My Local Economy. We take the time to listen to clients, their businesses and stakeholders – and provide a customised set of insights, recommendations and delivery options.
We deliver economic strategies and delivery plans that:

  • are transformational, ambitious and builds on the unique assets, capabilities and opportunities of LB Greenwich and its constituent communities and town centres
  • are built on sound evidence and views from local partners;
  • are high impact and readily understandable by a wide readership;
  • use the input, expertise and sense of direction from existing successful strategies, plans, implementation, evidence and capabilities of partners;
  • have a sound investment framework;
  • strongly relate to and has recommendations for how the plan relates to emerging local and central government agendas on local public resources, industrial policy, Brexit and local devolution
  • can be used as a negotiation tool for discussions with government and as a live document to guide future investment decisions
  • have delivery plans and new ideas for delivering the ambitions and outcomes outlined in the strategy

Our team of experts and associates are very experienced, have held senior management positions in local and regional development organisations, and are great at engaging both the private and public sector. We are used to working with councillors and elected representatives.
Gloucester City Council should finalise their strategy in March – and we look forward to providing a link to it once it is released.
If you need help with your local economy, even if it is just informal advice on next steps – get in touch with us via Linkedin or our contact details.

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