Local economic assessments

We specialist in providing high quality, robust and clearly written Local Economic Assessments for local authorities, local enterprise partnerships, and other partnerships and government organisations. Experienced economists and analysts write and research each assessment; and a senior trade journalist copy edits the final reports.

We think our work speaks for itself. Recent Local Economic Assessments we have completed include:

We have 20 years of experience in undertaking research and analysis for local, regional and city economies. From consultancy experience, to running research and policy teams within think tanks and economic development organisations.

 Why hire us to do your Local Economic Assessment?

We offer several advantages over most other economic consultancies:

  • EXPERIENCE AND TRACK RECORD: We are seasoned, experienced researchers and analysts specialising in local and regional economic development (including all aspects of this such as rural issues, sectors, innovation, enterprise, employment, skills, demography, unemployment, housing, deprivation). We have been doing this kind of work for 20 years, and have led the research functions of major national organisations that publish to public audiences. We have undertaken numerous local economic assessments, thematic reports, national economic studies, and to inform strategies and delivery plans that we have subsequently developed for clients.
  • WE UNDERSTAND THE CURRENT ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT POLICY AND DELIVERY CONTEXT: Over the past two years we have worked as senior management in one LEP, and undertaken advisory and consultancy work for three LEPs.  Glenn Athey has worked within the economic development profession for 20 years. Over the past 3 years since Athey Consulting was established, we have worked with seven local authorities and 4 LEPs. We have a very good understanding of the current policy and delivery context, and use this to inform our work.
  • “HAND TO A MINISTER” REPORTS: We provide very high quality reports that are written in plain English, readable, and high impact. Our guiding maxim is to provide written outputs that can be handed to a Government Minister, and executive summaries that a Minister would actually read. Our local economic assessments speak for themselves. We often use a professional copywriter to edit our final reports.
  • WE CAN USE OUR STRATEGY AND DELIVERY EXPERIENCE TO SHAPE AND INFORM THE REPORTS AND OUTPUTS: We offer a very experienced team with hands on experience working with, and in, local authorities, LEPs, think tanks and development agencies – to develop strategies, action and delivery plans, and to evaluation performance.
  • WE OFFER INCREDIBLE VALUE. We are all ‘hands on’ consultants, with the Director undertaking analysis and report writing at day rates that are up to half those of other large consultancies. The project team are hand-picked, seasoned experts.