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About Glenn Athey

Glenn Athey is a local economic development specialist and Managing Director of My Local Economy, with 23 years of experience working in the field. Glenn has held senior management positions at a LEP, three regional development agencies, and the Centre for Cities. Glenn has published several high profile reports on local, city and regional economies and is a regular commentator and speaker on local economic policy, practice and devolution. Glenn is Ph.D. qualified.

My Local Economy offers localities and regions the means to find the solutions to their economic challenges and opportunities. We do this by undertaking research and using our extensive knowledge of economic development policy and practice. The real value added comes in our ability to translate research and analysis into tailored policies and strategies, priorities, options, and delivery plans.

Current and recent projects include: Growing Together – a statement of joint devolution priorities for London, the North and Midlands; Global Britain – a fair and managed immigration system for the post-Brexit Economy; setting up and running the London-Stansted-Cambridge-Corridor Growth Commission; Advising on a new National Innovation Body for Wales; Developing a growth case for the West Anglia Task Force; reviewing the first 10 years of the Centre for Cities; researching and writing the Bristol and West of England Local Economic Assessments; and the Hertfordshire Labour Market and Skills Review. Recent clients include: Bristol City Council; British Chambers of Commerce; Centre for Cities; Cheltenham Borough Council; London Borough of Haringey; London Stansted Airport; London Stansted Cambridge Consortium; Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council; New Anglia LEP; and West of England LEP.

Brief CV: Glenn Athey, Director

Understanding the A-Z of local economic development: Glenn has 20 years of experience working with local authorities, cities and regions in all aspects of local economic development.

Local growth strategy, action plan development and funding strategies: Glenn led and developed Greater Cambridge Greater Peterborough Growth Strategy, £8.5m operational and delivery plan, and initial funding strategy. Until July 2013, Glenn led all discussions and work relating to Local Growth Strategies.

Project development and funding applications: successfully developed and bid for – RGF4 Agritech initiative for East Anglia; advised on successful GSK £25m bid from BIS for Stevenage Bioscience Catalyst; £2m in ESF projects (South of Scotland); £30m Single Regeneration Budget (East Lancashire). Glenn has worked in chief economist roles and has advised on economic appraisals and the economic case of many funding applications.

Market sector/niche understanding and action planning: for aspects such as individual sectors, industries and clusters (Sector mapping for London-Stansted-Cambridge Corridor Consortium, Cluster development progress reports for Scottish Enterprise); international investment and trade (analysis of export trends and opportunities for East of England Development Agency, evaluation and review of inward investment for London Development Agency); enterprise (comprehensive proposals to re-engineer enterprise support for London Development Agency); recession and recovery (comprehensive analysis of local impacts and prospects post 2008 recession for East of England Development Agency).

Local economic analysis and intelligence: researched and wrote the first national report for the LEP Network “Creating Successful Local Economies: Review of Local Enterprise Partnership Area Economies in 2012” and was lead editor and advisor on the 2013 edition.

Skills and employability: expert insights and practical action planning for the full range of local skills and employment issues and challenges. Track record includes: comprehensive review of employability and worklessness in Scotland (for Scottish Enterprise), management and delivery of skills needs assessments in the East of England and Scotland, and author of the East of England’s ministerial submission on the economic role of Higher Education Institutions in the region (2010).

Leadership, management and practice: Within 9 months in the role of Interim CEO at Greater Cambridge Greater Peterborough Enterprise Partnership, Glenn had led the partnership from being an embryonic new organisation without any formal structure, plans, finances or delivery plans – to one with a fully board-endorsed team structure of 6 permanent staff and 2-year prioritised investment budget of £7.5m, with its first RGF programme bid approved for £3.2m in addition. Glenn’s experience to date includes senior management and practitioner roles at the Greater Cambridge Greater Peterborough Enterprise Partnership, East of England Development Agency, the Centre for Cities (the UK’s think tank for Cities), London Development Agency and Scottish Enterprise. All of these roles have involved closely working with and advising local authorities and local initiatives.

Presentations and reports: Glenn produces media-ready reports that are of the highest standard – they can be submitted directly to political leaders, ministers and business champions, as well as be launched publicly.

Current and past roles

MANAGING DIRECTOR (2011 to present), Athey Consulting Limited

INTERIM EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR (Jun 2012 to Jul 2013), Greater Cambridge Greater Peterborough Enterprise Partnership, Cambridgeshire-Peterborough, UK.

STRATEGY AND INVESTMENT LEAD (Feb-May 2012), Greater Cambridge Greater Peterborough Enterprise Partnership, Cambridgeshire-Peterborough, UK.

DIRECTOR OF RESEARCH AND INTELLIGENCE (Feb 2008 to Jul 2011), East of England Development Agency, Cambridge, UK

HEAD OF RESEARCH (2006 to 2008), Centre for Cities, London

HEAD OF BUSINESS POLICY (2005 to 2006), London Development Agency, London

SENIOR LABOUR MARKET ECONOMIST (2002 to 2004), Futureskills Scotland, Scottish Enterprise, Glasgow

ECONOMIC CONSULTANT, EKOS, Glasgow and Enterprise plc, Preston, UK (1998-2002)

TEACHING ASSISTANT, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Glasgow (1996-1998)

RESEARCH ASSISTANT, University of Hull (1994-1995)


1995-1998 PhD (Doctorate by research) in regional economic development economics, policy and practice; Dept of Urban Studies; University of Glasgow; Sponsored by the ESRC and Scottish Enterprise.

1993-1995 Master of Arts degree (MA) in European Political Economy; University of Hull.

1990-1993 Bachelor of Arts Degree (BA) Honours Joint Economics and Geography upper second class (2i); University of Hull.

Consultancy expertise

INNOVATION: Glenn has had a continuing professional involvement in innovation and its role in economic development since 1999, having completed reviews and studies for Scottish Enterprise, NESTA and the East of England Development Agency. Glenn has a complete understanding of the powerful role of innovation, as well as the policy and practical measures that have been used to try and stimulate it. Key projects include project management and delivery of two editions of Innovation Insight (in 2009 and 2010), which benchmarked the East of England’s innovation performance across 36 measures; expert advice to Glaxo Smithkline on the economic case for the £50m Stevenage Bioscience open innovation incubator project. Was subsequently fully funded by The UK Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, and East of England Development Agency (2009); and leadership of the bid, research plan and project delivery for the NESTA funded research project “Innovation and the city: how innovation has developed in five city-regions” (2007). Recently, Glenn organised and led initial workshops and discussions for GCGP LEP’s innovation strategy, advised Cheltenham Borough Council on the innovation potential from the GCHQ supply chain and associated workforce skills and experience; and advised the Eastern AHSN on assessing future performance. In 2015/16 Glenn has been the manager and lead researcher for the London Stansted Cambridge Corridor Growth Commission, exploring lessons from international tech regions and the location needs of innovation and tech businesses in the corridor.

ENTERPRISE: Glenn has been professionally involved in enterprise support from multiple perspectives relating to policy, strategy, programme design, evaluation, minority enterprise support, and performance review. Assignments and projects range across overarching strategic evaluations of business support portfolios across regions and localities, detailed analysis of enterprise support prioritisation, economic analysis of entrepreneurship and barriers to business performance, to evaluating assistance on the ground, and recommending efficiency gains for enterprise support programmes.

SKILLS, LABOUR MARKETS AND ECONOMIC INCLUSION: Through his work at Futureskills Scotland, the expert unit for labour market analysis and forecasting created in Scottish Enterprise in 2001, Glenn became deeply involved in skills analysis and policy and delivery issues. Since then Glenn has continued to act as an expert analyst and advisor on skills issues. Glenn rewrote and significant improved the RDA skills analysis framework first initiated in 2009. Glenn authored two of the most comprehensive assessments of Scotland’s labour market ever completed, through his research and reports “The Scottish Labour Market” in 2002 and 2003. Glenn has undertaken numerous evaluations of employability initiatives in Scotland, and went on to lead and deliver a project to comprehensively analyse unemployment and economic inactivity in Scotland, and to review policy and best practice in addressing employability problems.

LOCAL ECONOMIC ASSESSMENTS: Glenn has recently completed Local Economic Assessments for Cheltenham Borough Council, Luton Borough Council, the Eastern Plateau Leader area (East Hertfordshire), New Anglia LEP, and Hertfordshire LEP. He is currently engaged in providing comprehensive economic assessments for Bristol City Council and West of England LEP. Over his career he has completed many economic and labour market assessments for national audiences such as the three LEP Network benchmarking studies in 2013, 2014 and 2015. Glenn was Director of the East of England and managed and edited reports on the regional economy, international benchmarking, innovation, trade and skills; as well as a series of local economic profiles. As head of research at the Centre for Cities Glenn initiated the cities benchmarking series ‘Cities Outlook’. Glenn fully understands the datasets, methodologies and techniques of local economic analysis and reporting and has been a practitioner in this field for 17 years.

POLICY AND STRATEGY DEVELOPMENT, AND EXPERT ADVICE: Glenn has led and developed national and regional economic strategies and policy development exercises, and has provided expert advice in the areas of economic development, skills, enterprise, employability, the role of higher education in the economy, and the impacts of the recession. Glenn has specific skills in writing high impact policy relevant reports and briefings in clear and concise language, suitable for ministerial, public and media audiences and high profile launches. Glenn’s most recent high profile report was the highly regarded Local Enterprise Network report “Creating Successful Local Economies: Review of Local Enterprise Partnership Area Economies in 2012.”

INTERNATIONAL STUDIES: As someone who is passionate about economic development policies and activities, Glenn has, since 1995, taken a keen interest on international practice and experience. Key projects include a recent six-month visiting Scholarship at the University of Cambridge, undertaking research on international development policy, economics and practice and the lessons for regions, cities and localities in the UK; case study research of business support in seven international Cities (Berlin, London, New York City, Singapore, Sydney, Toronto); and international case study work as part of his Ph.D. research – Glenn was awarded £2,500 from Scottish Enterprise’s Condliffe Bursary to study economic development and regeneration in Berlin in 1997.

INTERNATIONAL BENCHMARKING STUDIES: Glenn has undertaken a range of sector specific studies and baseline studies of local economies. He led the design, development, management and final editing of the ‘International Insight’ report for Insight East, at the East of England Development Agency. This research project analysed the economy of the region across a range of performance measures, comparing the East of England to a range of European and world regions, and specific peer regions. Glenn developed and managed the delivery of a comprehensive international benchmarking study of Scotland’s labour market and skills performance (2004). Glenn also conducted a performance review of Scottish Enterprise’s clusters programme which included an assessment of relative international position and performance of Scottish clusters.

ECONOMIC FORECASTING: Glenn has managed forecast services, and undertaken the analysis and presentation of economic and labour market forecasts since 2002. Glenn is familiar with all the main economic forecasting services (Oxford Economics, Cambridge Econometrics, Experian and the Institute for Employment Research), as well as with the methods used, and the appropriate use of forecasting.

ECONOMIC IMPACT ASSESSMENTS: Economic impact assessment work was central to the work that Glenn undertook as an economic consultant, and to the evaluations of economic development programmes and initiatives which Glenn has conducted.

EUROPEAN PROGRAMMES: As a consultant several years ago, Glenn was very active in European funding related work, including analysis and drafting of European Programme Documents and guidance, provision of evidence bases for European programmes, and evaluation and appraisal of programmes.

EVALUATIONS: Independent and comprehensive formal evaluations form the cornerstone of most economic consultancies specialising in economic development. Glenn has completed 30 evaluation studies over a 6 year consultancy period split between 1998 and 2001 and 2013 and 2016.

MANAGEMENT CONSULTING, CHANGE MANAGEMENT AND BUSINESS PLANNING: As well as being a highly qualified and experienced policy and economic analyst, Glenn has long been involved in the management of economic development. He has conducted a range of strategic management reviews as well as being a member of the senior management teams at London Development Agency, the Centre for Cities, and the East of England Development Agency. Glenn is a talented management thinker and practitioner, and knows that negotiation, persuasion and change management are an essential part of the economic development process.