Global Britain: a fair and managed immigration system fit for the post-Brexit economy

Client: London First

Year: 2018

This project, commissioned by London First involved research and report writing for business-led proposals for the skills immigration system post-Brexit.

The consultancy support involved developing a voice for the pragmatic voice of business, that recognises both the public’s concern about open borders and the part business must play in keeping the economic wheels turning and making post-Brexit Britain a success.

Our understanding of skills and labour markets dynamics, issues and evidence was also deployed to help explain the current use of immigrant labour, and the economic implications of implementing stricter immigration conditions and reducing the supply of immigrant labour.

Currently, almost a fifth (18%) of all workers in the UK were born outside the country – they work all over the country, across all sectors, and all skills and salary levels. The evidence is unequivocal: immigration has played a substantial part in driving our country’s economic growth. Out of these 5.6 million foreign workers, 2.3 million are from the European Economic Area (EEA).

Many of them are employed by organisations which may never before have had to deal with UK immigration policies and procedures.

Our immigration system, which has often been clunky and difficult to navigate, will have to adapt – and improve – to manage an increased volume of applications.

View the report on the London First Website.