just think – you could have our energy, passion, committment and expertise – working alongside you


We are experienced public and private sector managers. You can hire our combined technical skills with outstanding public policy, communication and project management experience. We can help you set up, design, manage and deliver projects. We can help convene and facilitate boards and partners. 

If you have already worked for us, you know how agile and experienced we are – imagine our skills, and our ambition and drive working alongside you in your agency or local authority. We won’t need much time to get up to speed with your issues and needs.

Let’s face it – you are expected to deliver so much for our regions, cities and local areas, but you’re often short on capacity. Let us help to reduce the risks to your local economy. Turn to us to support decision making, strategy and delivery design – and to find solutions for you and your organisation.


Got a project or work programme you just can’t find the time¬† or staff resources to start – or finish? We are experienced public sector executives and civil servants. We work daily with public policy organisations, politicians, business leaders and stakeholders.

Project initiation and development

Not every organisation has the time or the experience to get certain kinds of projects off the ground. We have a diverse range of specialism and can handle local projects on: research, economics, innovation, enteprise, property, incubators, inward investment, trade, jobs and skills.


Designing a major programme of work and shortlisting consultants

There’s an art to designing a major programme – and commissioning consultants. You have to get the brief right, and invite the right consultants to bid. We can help with that.


Project management, evaluation and oversight

We are experienced project managers, performance monitors and evaluators, and we know the oversight and audit requirements of the public sector.

Rescue missions

Projects and programmes can go wrong. Big consultancies can sometimes deliver disappointing results. We can help you rescue the situation. We’ll give you our initial assessment and options for free, and take it from there.

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