We know the data inside out, have conducted in-depth studies on all aspects of labour markets: immigration, skills shortages, HE, economic inclusion, and employers recruitment and skills demand. We regularly write articles providing advice and guidance on skills – such as our latest here.

Recent work includes a review of a national pilot scheme for skills (this is currently client confidential – will reveal more in due course); and work with Cambridge Econometrics to analyse skills forecasts for the West of England Combined Authority (2021).

We’ve been providing outstanding analysis, in accessible and high impact reports for 25 years…. Some of our best reports (in the public domain) include:

Other project examples include:

  • Recent experience: Analysis, business consultation, and topic papers to inform skills and inclusion strategy in Luton (2019); Skills and Labour Market Reviews in Hertfordshire (2018, 2016, 2015), Liverpool City Region (2018), Southend-on-Sea (2018)
  • Senior leadership experience in designing, managing and delivering labour market and economic intelligence units and functions (since 2001); was senior labour market economist for Scotland 2001-2004; as regional director of intelligence, led the skills review and assessment for East of England in 2009
  • Specific in-depth experience working with Labour Market Intelligence Units – at the East of England Development Agency www.insighteast.org.uk (3 years, 6 months), and at Futureskills Scotland, based at Scottish Enterprise (3 years) – www.futureskillsscotland.org.uk
  • Specialism in providing labour market intelligence and services to non-technical experts – in a clear, simple language and format
  • Part of the team which undertook the scoping research, and stakeholder needs survey for a Scottish Labour Market Intelligence Unit, and then subsequently established the groundbreaking labour market intelligence service at Futureskills Scotland. This unit delivered a fully functioning labour market information and forecasting unit delivering services to the further and higher education sectors, careers service, training agencies, government, and economic development agencies of Scotland
  • Transformed the East of England Regional Economic Intelligence System (the Observatory) into a fully staffed intelligence unit with high profile work programme and online data tools and services
  • Part of national leadership of UK regional information systems (Deputy Chair and board member of UK Association of Regional Observatories)
  • Led the significant improvement of the regional skills analysis framework for England first initiated in 2009. Glenn fundamentally rewrote the initial approach which was based on a list of data sources, transforming it into a market led analytical framework around labour demand and supply