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We love challenging assignments, complex opportunities,  and intractable problems. Our vocation is to help city, region and local economies succeed and for prosperity to be sustainable and shared. 

We deliver genuine insights, based on local conditions and dynamics. Our reports, outputs and advocacy are better than most other advisors and consultancies you will find in the market today.


Local Investment Plans – approaches and advice

No doubt colleagues in local and combined authorities in the UK are busy writing their Local Investment Plans to unlock their shares of the UK Shared Prosperity Fund. And at a frenetic pace, with them due in at the end of July. And local partners and MPs have to...

Hot tips for restructuring local and regional economic development

I live and work in England in the UK. In such a centralised country, where the national government funds and shapes much of the local economic development landscape, the influence of the political cycle is massive. Whether its a government coming into power fresh from...

Skills & levelling up: some fundamentals that are useful to remember

Foundations of labour In doing some recent work reviewing some labour market and skills intelligence, I was reminded of some of the fundamental qualities of labour and skills and how these explain a lot of the challenges and issues that we still deal with today in...

Our labour market and skills analysis is best in class

We know the data inside out, have conducted in-depth studies on all aspects of labour markets: immigration, skills shortages, HE, economic inclusion, and employers recruitment and skills demand. We regularly write articles providing advice and guidance on skills -...

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