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A Vision for Urban Growth and Recovery – setting the urban agenda for the next decade – for the Local Government Association for England and Wales

Commissioned by the City Regions Board of the Local Government Association (LGA) and written by Glenn Athey, Cambridge Econometrics and Profession Pete Tyler from the University of Cambridge, this report analyses the impacts of COVID-19, current economic challenges and opportunities, and sets out a new vision for urban growth and recovery.


Mylocaleconomy provided comprehensive management, facilitation, research, intellectual input and facilitation to deliver the London Stansted Cambridge Corridor Growth Commission which led to the foundation of the UK Innovation Corridor.

2023: The year ahead

2022: in brief For the local economic development community - 2022 was another challenging year. The global and national events and issues included the Ukraine War, and its impacts; the emergence of high inflation, energy scarcity and costs, the cost of living crisis,...

Monitoring your local economy during an economic crisis

In this article we discuss how monitoring an economic crisis will help you understand the impacts and implications for your local economy Unfortunately - most indicators show that the UK economy is tipping into recession Yesterday (21 September), the Bank of England...

September update: the local economic development “new year”​

September’s the month when I begin my new company year, when the summer is over and most projects have been finished and put to bed in July and early August. Some of the highlights so far this year have included: Helping Kada Research conduct a housing retrofit study...

Rethinking enterprise support in England – top 10 tips and observations

With the introduction of the UK Shared Prosperity Fund, the winding down of ERDF and the cutting of funds for Growth Hubs – how do we deal with these changes and continue to support businesses in our local economies? I’ve lost count of the number of enterprise support...

Local Investment Plans – approaches and advice

No doubt colleagues in local and combined authorities in the UK are busy writing their Local Investment Plans to unlock their shares of the UK Shared Prosperity Fund. And at a frenetic pace, with them due in at the end of July. And local partners and MPs have to...

Hot tips for restructuring local and regional economic development

I live and work in England in the UK. In such a centralised country, where the national government funds and shapes much of the local economic development landscape, the influence of the political cycle is massive. Whether its a government coming into power fresh from...


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