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A Vision for Urban Growth and Recovery – setting the urban agenda for the next decade – for the Local Government Association for England and Wales

Commissioned by the City Regions Board of the Local Government Association (LGA) and written by Glenn Athey, Cambridge Econometrics and Profession Pete Tyler from the University of Cambridge, this report analyses the impacts of COVID-19, current economic challenges and opportunities, and sets out a new vision for urban growth and recovery.


Mylocaleconomy provided comprehensive management, facilitation, research, intellectual input and facilitation to deliver the London Stansted Cambridge Corridor Growth Commission which led to the foundation of the UK Innovation Corridor.

Delivering Levelling Up? How secure work can reduce regional inequality

This year it was great to be an adviser on, and contribute to The Work Foundation's latest report, authored by Rebecca Florisson - on Delivering Levelling Up? How secure work can reduce regional inequality - Lancaster University, which featured in today's FT. Analysis...

Applying climate change actions to local economic development functions

Confused by the new models of sustainable development and how to apply them to your local economy? The more I reflect on my experience over recent years, the more I think that we need to be clearer about what folks should be doing differently with their local economic...

LEPs reach the end of the road – what’s next?

So the UK Government finally confirmed they'd be winding up LEPs after briefing in May 2022 and announcement in the March 2023 budget that this was their intention. What does the future hold? well, our Combined Authorities have mostly wound up their LEPs and put in...

LEDTV: video on hot tips for local green jobs and the low carbon economic transition

One-minute video on tips for delivering local #greenjobs and the low carbon economic transition, #netzero for local economies:

What do I want from a new UK government for local and regional economies?

There's going to be a General Election sometime over the next 18 months in the UK. It seems a long way off what would you like to see from a new government to help address levelling-up, local and regional inequalities, growth and economic development? I've set...

A Local Green Economy and Jobs Strategy and Action Plan

It was my great pleasure to work with Cambridge Econometrics in 2023 to develop a Green Economy and Jobs Action Plan for the North of Tyne Combined Authority. I grew up in North Tyneside, and it was great to contribute to such a groundbreaking approach to...


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