we work across functional silos

We work across functional silos. We can take the evidence base and research, and understand and communicate the policy, strategic and delivery implications.

We can turn this in to priorities and advocacy, and influence local stakeholders and national politicians and civil servants.

understand delivery, and how this can be shaped to meet local challenges and opportunities. With our knowledge of public and private sector funding, we can turn this into winning bids for funding and resources.

Our skillset includes public relations, public speaking, lobbying (one of our advisors is registered), policy advocacy, policy analysis, strategy development, stakeholder relations, workshop facilitation, writing and authoring, performance evaluation and appraisal, writing funding bids and grant applicatins, and economics. All within the field of city, region and local economic develoment. Our team has between 20 and 40 years each in this field.

We can shape and influence policy based on real evidence, needs and opportunities.

We combine deep knowledge with creativity.

We love a challenge.