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We love learning about new places, and how places we know have changed. We are skilled in listening, understanding, and differentiating city, region and local economies. We specialise in building unique local, “bottom-up” economic strategies that also play into national policies and funding conversations.

Green Economy and Jobs Strategy and Action Plan

A strategy and action plan for the green economy and jobs which set out a practical agenda for delivery for the North of Tyne Combined Authority

This strategy and action plan was informed by existing local and national policies and strategies as well as working with Cambridge Econometrics, who provided in-depth analysis and economic modelling of climate change scenarios and ambitions. This work has been be used to help guide the priorities and actions of partners as well as push the impetus for responding to climate change and taking early advantage of local strengths and capabilities. It is also being used as a prospectus to seek further funding and expand activities.

Inward investment proposition and opportunities for Tower Hamlets

Evidence-based review of FDI strengths and offer of the London Borough of Tower Hamlets

We were delighted to work with the London Borough of Tower Hamlets to develop their inward investment proposition and key market messages. We conducted thorough research on the economy, company base, leading sectors, local HE institutions and R&D activity, and real estate market – and we consulted with key stakeholders. We also thoroughly researched London’s recent FDI track record and current trends and opportunities in FDI relevant to Tower Hamlets.

Review of testing needs and local benefits for UKAEA fusion STEP project

Assessment of testing needs and UK economic opportunities for Spherical Tokamak for Energy Production

We worked with the UK Atomic Energy Authority to explore the additional testing and R&D needs to deliver a working fusion energy power plant in the UK by 2040, and to also explore the current UK and global supply chain for a fusion reactor, and the potential UK economic benefits. 

Review of trailblazer Local Skills Improvement Plans

We reviewed the 8 trailblazer Local Skills Improvement Plans and workshopped findings with local Chambers of Commerce

We were delighted to work with the British Chambers of Commerce to review the trailblazer Local Skills Improvement Plans (LSIPs) – delivered by eight local Chambers of Commerce for the localities of Cumbria, Tees Valley, South Yorkshire, Lancashire, Leicester and Leicestershire, West of England Plus, Sussex and Kent. 

Regional economic growth and recovery strategy

Leicester and Leicestershire Economic Growth Strategy 2021-2030

We worked with local stakeholders and board members to produce an economic strategy for Leicester and Leicestershire that ingrained local character, history and progress – putting local identity and ideas throughout the final strategy document. This was also made relevant to existing and emerging government policy themes such as levelling up, build back better, innovation and trade.

A strategy to kickstart the UK Innovation Corridor

We managed and facilitated a nine-month Growth Commission and created an ambitious strategy for change

Nine Growth Commissioners, four inquiry events, piles of evidence, international experts and case studies… we collated, put together and analysed a high quality evidence base and produced a high-impact stratetgy that was a game-changer for the London Stansted Cambridge Corridor. This provided the roadmap and priorities for the next evolution of the initiative into the UK Innovation Corridor.

Growth industries and SMEs strategy


We researched the Stockton-on-Tees company base and industrial specialisms in depth and explored options for growth business and industry strategy and delivery using the latest academic and business research on scale-ups, entrepreneurship and enteprise support.

A New Innovation Agency for Wales

Expert advisor to the Welsh Government on innovation policy and suport

Working with CM International, and the University of Cardiff, an expert team reviewed innovation needs and policy options to inform the development of a proposed new agency by the Innovation Advisory Council for Wales. 

Skills strategy

Ambition Southend

We researched, consulted and wrote an ambitious new Skills Strategy for Southend-on-Sea. This was very much a bottom-up, locally specific strategy that used the latest economic evidence and research on changing skills needs, and also involved in-depth consultations with major employers, schools, public service providers, careers organisations and colleges.

Local economic strategy

New economic strategy for Gloucester

A highly tailored economic strategy for Gloucester was devised to take advantage of its strategic location, and successful business and industrial parks – whilst addressing the skills needs and deprivation of some of its inner city areas.


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